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The Ultimate Movie Experience in YOUR Backyard!

We provide you with the perfect unique and exciting multimedia experience. Gather your friends and family for a special event indoors or out making this service available year round. We setup where ever you'd like making this an exciting and fun choice for church events, birthday parties, graduation parties, and much, much more. The potential for fun is endless!

Our Equipment

We provide all of the equipment and set it up so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy! We bring everything including:

  • An inflatable movie screen with a HUGE viewing area
  • Video projection system with crystal clear pictures
  • Professional-grade sound equipment that will literally blow you away
  • All this delivered to your venue and then picked up later that night or the next morning!

About Us

Camera We are a family owned and operated company in Middleboro, MA. We're dedicated to providing the best, most exciting movie experiences in our areas.

We provide exceptional service, quality equipment, great communication, and value! We work with you to provide the perfectly-sized equipment for your venue, the best dates for your events, and ideas to make it the ultimate movie experience!

We're Not Just Movies!
While movies are our top sellers, we're not just about movies! With our equipment, you can set up your favorite gaming system and play on our HUGE projector! The bigger the screen, the bigger the fun! You can also hook up your laptop and make your own show, or challenge your friends not to laugh while you each show your favorite YouTube clips. The fun is endless... Or at goes until dawn, at least!
Hook up your laptop to watch picture slideshows, play music, and execute the perfect graduation or birthday party. Backyard Movie Nite easily creates an event in any party situation.
Prices & Extra Services

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In New England, mosquito fogging and microphone equipment are available for an additional rental fee.

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We show you how to hook up your ipod, mp3 player, or CD player to our commercial-grade sound system. Play some music and get the party started before its dark enough to enjoy the movie screen.
Use us for your next big sports party! The larger than life image provided by the projector makes the game look UNREAL. We can connect your cable box to our GIANT SCREEN with our 100 foot coax cable. Game day will take on a whole new level of fun with us in the house!